The GTIS Half is a Colorado Runner's "Must-Do!" Enjoy a breathtaking view along Clear Creek as you traverse a scenic and gently rolling mountain course that winds down the Clear Creek Valley. 


NEW RACE ROUTE:  We will have an updated course in 2022 (TBD). Check back soon for an updated map.  Due to increased development along the frontage road at Georgetown Lake, the course has been rerouted off of the frontage road onto the multi-use pathway that runs along the lakefront. The multi-use pathway is a gravel composite material (not asphalt) so proper shoes are recommended and care should be taken when running on this surface. Volunteers will be stationed along the new route to help direct runners along the revised route. The course connects to the old route in the residential subdivision on the south side of the lake, and then diverges again along the south side of the lake, across the dam at the east end of the lake and connecting back to the frontage road on the north side of the dam. We are excited about this new route and believe it will provide a safer and more aesthetically pleasing route for the runners. The finish line will be at the Clear Creek Metropolitan Recreation Center in Idaho Springs.


  1. There are a number of viewing areas along the course.  The start will let you see your runner or walker get off and then they come back at the end of the second mile to the starting area.  This allows you see the participants at least twice.

  2. At exit 232 Highway 40 and Empire there is a large area to park on the north side of the frontage road and this is an easy exit to get on and off so you can get to the finish.

  3. Exit 233 Downieville Lawson is a good exit if you take the road back west and meet the runners before they enter the dirt path for open space or as they exit the path by the Animal Shelter.

  4. Your next best place to see the runners would be along Colorado Boulevard in Idaho Springs before the finish, great place to cheer, just remember access will be limited and please to not make it harder for the runners to finish. Bring your camera there are great shots along the way!