The Course

The Course starts by heading toward Georgetown,

As you go past the parking lot and the screaming fans, you will be making your first turn to the left and going into a residential neigborhood.  Go left when you reach the end and then head back down the road toward the creek.  The course will roll a bit but just stay on the road as it follows Clear Creek and you will be fine.  Once you get to the end of the neighborhood you will be taking a left and going over the bridge with the parking lot on your left and the lake on your right.  You are coming up on the two mile mark before you know it.

You are coming back to the start so restrooms are there on your right.  The first aid station will be at the mile 3 mile marker, the second one at mile 6 and then approximately every two miles til the end.  All of them will have water and electrolytes.

You will be running slightly down hill and will keep going downhill for about two miles.  The scenery is beautiful and up-lifting you will be full of energy and ready for a great day.

The course stays at a gentle downhill and as you come to the Lawson area you will be going up again and wondering if you got off course, but you are just getting the legs ready for what many think is the best part of the course the dirt path along Clear Creek.  You get there by going through a small residential neighborhood and if you ever have a doubt about if you are on the course just follow the creek.

Once you get out off of the dirt path you will have small hill to climb then a gentle downhill past some very historic old gold mine sites on your right. This is about mile nine and the end will be there before you know it.

As you reach Idaho Springs, you turn up the hill and you are thinking it is long and steep but it passes before you know it.  Then you are on Colorado Boulevard and the home stretch.  Let the glory of the day sink in and before you know it you will be getting your cold slice of watermelon and telling all your friends about what a great day it was.
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