Course Description and Tour

General course description:

Because of its location, this Half Marathon is one of the most pleasurable races in the western US.  The point-to-point course is run along Clear Creek and is a scenic and gently rolling mountain course that winds down the Clear Creek Valley.  The course runs along the frontage road that runs parallel to, but well away from I-70.  Vehicular traffic on the course is normally minimal, however be aware that the road is not closed to traffic.  Runners must stay to the right of the yellow lane line. 

There is .5 mile of gravel road in the 2nd mile, and 1.5 mile of dirt road from mile 6.5 to mile 8.  Also be aware of a steep grade with a 90° turn at the bottom of Clear Creek Drive in the 1st mile of the course.

The elevation at the start is 8500 feet, and gradually arrives at 7500 feet at the finish.  Temperatures in the early morning at this elevation can be 50°, and can reach 85°  by the finish.  While conditions are usually optimal at this time of year, athletes should always be prepared for adverse weather while being in a mountainous location.   

Aid Stations will be at the 3, 6, 8, 10, and 12 mile marks.

Portable restrooms will be located at both the start and finish lines.  On the course there will be portable restrooms approximately at miles 1, 2, 4, and 6.

Race support services (split timing, water stations, course traffic marshals) will not be available on the race course prior to 8 am, please do not start the race prior to 8 am.  These services will begin to come off the course beginning at 11 am.  There is a support vehicle for walkers and runners who anticipate taking longer than 3 hours to complete the race.  We will try to give those runners the same experiance as those that finish under three hours but not all sponsors will remain on the field that long given costs and other constraints.

First Aid emergency services will be provided along the race course and at the finish line by Clear Creek EMS.

Veiwing Areas for Family and Friends